Welcome to Girls Without Mums: YOU BELONG HERE.

Welcome to Girls Without Mums. If you’re wondering if you belong here, then let us tell you that you definitely do. Whether you’re a girl without a mum for reasons such as relationship breakdown, abuse, death, fostering, any reason you bring to the table is valid and we love that you’re here.

We have Facebook, Twitter and an email address, and you are more than welcome to get in touch ANY time you feel you need to. We don’t mind what time of day or night you contact us, and we’ll respond ASAP to you.



Please bear in mind however, we are not a counselling service and cannot provide you with therapy or anything similar. Girls Without Mums is a place you can come to share your stories, connect with others going through tough times, and most of all realise that YOU ARE NOT ALONE and that YOU ARE NOT CRAZY. We don’t believe in the saying “Well, you only have one mum, you know…” because we would rather have no mum than one who is abusive. Remember abuse is not just sexual or physical. It is also verbal, mental and emotional, and they can all scar just as deeply as the other. Everything you went through or are still currently going though is valid, it matters, and you deserve help. There is no reason why you should put up with any form of abuse simply because the abuser is a parent. Never forget that.


Please do not think that you’re silly, or crazy, or simply being “dramatic”. Whatever mean or hurtful things you’ve had drummed into you over the years at the hands of an abusive or neglectful mother, they’re simply not true. You are wonderful and you are capable of amazing things; one day you will be able to believe that.


Thank you for taking the time to read our blog, and once again welcome to GIRLS WITHOUT MUMS. We are all magical.

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