Do you ever feel


like you’re an embarrassment

like you’re in the way

you’re a failure a disaster a joke

self sabotage

everything you were told you were

people will lose tolerance for you eventually because they’ll see you for what you really are

a mess

not worth the time the effort

self fulfilling prophecy

there’s only so much of your shit people can take

your pieces are hurled too far and wide to pick them all up and put yourself back together

change seems too big too hard even though it’s the one thing you crave the most

everything you’ve ever dreamed of will never be yours

because you’re just a write off

looking at yourself

you ever see how pathetic you are?

spare a thought for the people who have to deal with you

it was all true

it was all a lie

cutting all your hair off

its not pretty

nothing you do will work

you should just stop now

accept what you are

a failure

a joke

a disaster

try to blend in shut up keep quiet you’re not that important

keep out the way

nobody has time for you and your shit

do you ever feel like that?


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